Galton Voysey transforms products, brands and businesses
with simple, remarkable ideas.


Galton Voysey is a platform for building, buying and developing consumer product brands. We are home to 28 iconic brands that we have developed or acquired, and extend our professional expertise to a portfolio of global brands. We believe it makes more sense to test early to validate ideas that work and ones that don’t. This gives our operation and design teams a way to experiment with something tangible, gain experience in the process and reapply their learnings in the next iteration. With a proven network of over 140 factories, Galton Voysey builds brands across a broad range of consumer, lifestyle and home goods segments across Europe, US and the world. 


Leading the way

Portraits by Sing 

Marine Aubrée Antikainen

Tom Woodley
SEO Manager

Kim Woo
Ecommerce Analyst

Vincent Popadick

Sammy Sin
Operations Coordinator

Reynold Sitohang
Graphic Designer

Ringo Wong
SEO Analyst

Pauliina Kiviniemi

John Byrne
Head of Talent Acquisition

Antoine Le Flamanc
Multi-Brand Operations Manager

Estelle Kerby
Design Director

Alice Qian
Executive Assistant to the CEO


Partners & Associates


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