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Work life integration

We all need time away from work to run errands, relax or spend quality time with family and friends. Take a day off, volunteer, or flex your workday to run a 5K — we know you're at your most productive when you're well-rested, focused and happy.



We offer generous leave policies – four weeks of paid vacation for all employees. Maternity leave is 14 weeks and we offer a fully paid paternity leave of 3 weeks. We don't work on weekends and public holidays, and make sure you enjoy a comp day off if you ever do. We also finish work at 3pm every Friday to allow employees time to spend time with their family or indulge in any passions they have outside of work.


All employees have access to excellent healthcare coverage. Our pantry culture emphasizes healthy snacks, including prepared afternoon snacks on a daily basis (like the one above!). 

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We'll set you up with the software and devices you need. We sponsor the purchase of any books our employees would like to read, and add new titles to the company library every month. 

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the jar

Trust > Control. As such, we have a Jar that sits in the middle of an office holding HK$10,000 that’s open to anyone at any time - the only qualifier is that you use the money in ways that will benefit the company. This eliminates the cost of red-tape for budget decisions that can and should be made quickly by the person closest to the issue. 

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We work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment. Resourcefulness is key in such an environment; some of the things we achieve have never been done before. We will inevitability come across roadblocks and people telling us ‘No’, but we strongly believe that by embracing the unknown and approaching problems creatively, we can eat the ‘No’s people throw at us for breakfast.

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be yourself

Galton Voysey invites all interested candidates to apply for our open positions. We celebrate diversity and aim for inclusiveness - we currently have more than 11 nationalities in our growing team. If you require any assistance or have any questions during the application or interview process, please contact our recruiting team, we can't wait to hear from you!


a GREAT office with an amazing view

(Not a stock photo - this is a real photo taken from our office!)