We Fuel Exceptional Founders
& Brand Founders


At Galton Voysey, our mission is to help founders and brands grow by leveraging 5x more inventory or through social media marketing.

We don't ask for equity, personal guarantees or control.

Unlike other financing options, we also don't charge an interest rate or fee - we only get paid when the inventory moves.


We finance inventory at a 4:1 ratio, taking on 80% of the risk.
We only get paid when the inventory sells.


Keep Complete Autonomy Over Your Brand & Operations

  • No Interest Rates

  • No Fees

  • No Equity

  • No Dilution

  • No Personal Guarantees

  • No Risk


What We Look For

We look for iconic Direct-to-Consumer brands with a 2+ ROAS, beautiful products, great visuals and powerful stories that customers love.


Existing Solutions Are Not Ideal


Can give loans to finance inventory orders and social media marketing.

Problems: Need to show 3 years of business, audited financials, and / or personal guarantees with strict time-based repayment schedules.

VCs /

Can give an investment to finance inventory orders and social media marketing.

Problems: Have to give up equity, ownership, board seats and control.


Can release funds to finance inventory orders and social media marketing.

Problems: Expensive interest rates, high fees or time-based repayment schedules.


Data-driven, Fast & Flexible

Galton Voysey's due diligence process utilizes your Shopify and social media marketing data. We base our decisions on this data, and a fully sponsored a $10k Facebook Ad test to gague future potential.

After this; we like to let great founders just get on with what they do best.

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Minimum Qualifying Requirements


70% Gross Margin

2+ ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

3+ Years Shelf Life

Happy, Returning Customers


How It Works


Get Cash For Your Current Inventory

If eligible, we buy 80% of your current inventory, at book value.

Get Financing at a 4:1 Ratio For Your Next Inventory Order

Galton Voysey will then finance your next inventory order at a 4:1 ratio. The contribution margin* is split 50/50 when the inventory is sold.

*Contribution margin = Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold - Ad Spend

Interested and match our requirements? 

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