operations Manager

Jane is someone with a big heart and does not waver in the face of something she believes in. One of the most amazing things about Jane is how contagious she is – her strong environmentally friendly stance has helped make the office greener. Jane has made a conscious effort to not use disposable cutlery, straws and cups, motivating the rest of us to slowly follow suit. With one of the most positive personalities in the office, you'll often find her openly and loudly express in the middle of the office a triumph that she had with a task or just a random expression of her strange appreciation for cacti.

Jane is also one of the most hardworking people you’ll meet – if she is given a task, she will not stop until she gets it done. Most people are maybe scared to take on roles outside of what they were hired for – but Jane has fully embraced every job and task that is thrown at her and pushes herself to learn it. Outside of work – Jane is an avid sportsman, where you'll either see her diving with a rugby ball or chasing down a frisbee. Her energy is debatably boundless. 

Jane's unwavering determination and energy is truly what makes her an amazing person to work with, making her such a great addition to the operations team.

"The best part of work is the team. There really isn't anyone here I can't imagine not being friends with... yet at least."