Brand Acquisitions 

A deep-seated love for stories and storytelling have led Kat to her current role as Brand Acquisition Manager at Galton Voysey. Born in Syracuse to Singaporean parents and raised in Hong Kong, Kat spent several years gushing over bookshops, trains and transit systems in the UK before returning to Asia. 

At Galton Voysey, Kat seeks out Shopify brand founders who are passionate about their brands, operate with a gross margin of 70% or higher, have a profitable Facebook ROAS, carry inventory with a 2-year shelf life and boast happy, returning customers. 

"My favourite things about Galton Voysey are the people, the energy and creativity. A lot of the things we try we've never done before, so you end up being completely immersed in a learning environment. If you want to develop your skills, you'll thrive."