As one of the founders, Marine is part of Galton Voysey's leadership team defining the global strategy, and as the Chief of Staff responsible for managing the daily operations of the company. Marine was previously acting as the CEO of the firm, transforming Galton Voysey from an idea to a multinational house of brands, maintaining profitable double-digit growth and expanding sales to 78 countries.

Marine is in her element in the cockpit of Galton Voysey, steering the business together with the CEO and actively collaborating across all teams in order to effectively implement the strategy of the company and ensure success of the brand portfolio.

Marine has a Master's degree in finance and business management, and international work experience across three continents. This versatile background has been useful in inspiring the multinational team of Galton Voysey to reach its full potential.

"We have been fortunate to work with some truly exciting brands and I very much look forward to continue supporting their global growth. I’m incredibly proud of what this team has already achieved and I feel this is just the beginning of our amazing journey."