Working at Galton Voysey


A culture of collaboration and equal effort

We’re a global workplace with youthful energy. You can feel it in our people and how we approach our work. We like to measure our work by our contributions and not by our titles. As we grow, we're constantly looking for ways to make our people and workspaces more productive.

This can-do attitude has helped us develop exceptional products, grow our customer base to 53 countries across Asia, North America and Europe, and reach over 15M customers every month. Each of these customers has different needs, and we're working to meet those needs – to create experiences that are faster, easier and more fulfilling.


“It’s amazing the amount of knowledge you pick up from working here without really realizing it. It’s an environment where you’re expected to use your own initiative but you’re given all the tools needed to get the job done.”
— Sammy Sin, Operations Manager
“The resume really is only one component we consider when hiring. We look for well-rounded individuals who can step outside their job description to bring in fresh ideas and challenge the way we do things.”
— John Byrne, Head of Talent Acquisition
“I’ve always been interested in design as a language to communicate directly with people from all backgrounds. Galton Voysey has allowed me to refine those skills and to reach a far broader audience.”
— Reynold Sitohang, Graphic Designer
“What I love about Galton Voysey is the freedom of expression, no idea is ever too crazy! (well, sometimes) everyone is trusted to use their own intuition.”
— Tom Woodley, SEO Manager