Hit Video Goes Viral Featuring Rising Hong Kong Start-Up Galton Voysey’s Bizzare Working Culture


November 21, 2018 12:37 AM Eastern Standard Time

HONG KONG--Galton Voysey, one of the fastest growing companies out of Hong Kong, has had a hit viral video, racking up well over 1 million views. The video, produced by popular Facebook content creator Nas Daily, highlights the rising company’s great efforts to buck the growing trend of stale work environments.

Galton Voysey’s standout culture is particularly noteworthy in Hong Kong, a city known more for its extremely competitive work landscape and less for open and progressive work cultures. Going against the grain, Galton Voysey’s policies include 3 weeks of paid paternity leave and 14 of weeks paid maternity leave.

Other game-changing policies include unlimited support for training and learning, free weekly private Mandarin and Cantonese lessons and daily homemade afternoon snacks.

“We’ve received an unprecedented flood of applications from around since the video went live,” said John Byrne, Head of Talent Acquisition, commenting on the impact of the viral video. “It’s been great to see so much engagement with the video, and we are always looking for talented people to join our growing team.”

Another employee, Kat Yip, Content Editor said “It’s really not just like that only in the video - it’s one of the best work environments with an amazing team.”


John Byrne

Head of Talent Acquisition at Galton Voysey




Galton Voysey celebrates 3 years of business 

April 19, 2017 - Hong Kong. Galton Voysey was founded in 2014, built on the belief that the biggest brands of the next 50 years have not yet been built. Galton Voysey is disrupting the global luxury goods market with new and fresh thinking, in many cases helping brands go direct from factory to consumer through their own brand websites. Galton Voysey is not your typical luxury goods company. Seen as leading the way for luxury goods e-commerce, it’s no surprise that the management team is young and dynamic with co-founder and CEO Marine Aubrée Antikainen backed by biggest investor William Wolfram.


Unlike large luxury goods conglomerates who are struggling to go digital, Galton Voysey is an agile, fully independently owned business, operated out of the luxury goods capital of the world, Hong Kong. Our French CEO Marine Aubrée Antikainen, runs her business with a team of digital natives: experienced brand builders, big data analysts, designers, marketers and business professionals.


“Growing up with the Internet made it natural for us to rethink the traditional luxury goods market. Using agile methodologies and fresh thinking, there is room for disruption.” - Marine Aubrée Antikainen, CEO


The majority of Galton Voysey’s sales are generated by their brands selling directly to consumers through their branded web stores’ serving tens of thousands of customers in 41 countries around the world. Galton Voysey's annual sales run-rate directly to consumers exceed $50M USD, this is far in excess of any sales Galton Voysey generates through working with other retailers or partners.


This is similar to the methodologies successfully used by brands like Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and Daniel Wellington. Galton Voysey has partnered up with, acquired and in many cases developed from the ground up brand concepts taking them from initial idea all the way to final product and post sales service.


“Design is at the heart of Galton Voysey’s operations,” says Estelle Rigoudy Kerby, a French national with a Master’s Degree in Product Design, based out of Hong Kong responsible for working directly with Galton Voysey’s key designers.


“We give our designers the freedom and flexibility to innovate, explore and test the boundaries of contemporary design without skimping on material costs or cutting corners in packaging and presentation. This is why we have become an employer of choice for some of the most talented designers in the world.” - Estelle Rigoudy Kerby, Creative Project Manager


The foundation of Galton Voysey’s operations is the relationships with a large network of carefully selected manufacturers based out of select provinces in China, as well as France, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and India. “We have 9 different nationalities in the team, and we foster our warm trust-based relationships with our vast network of suppliers,” says Antoine Le Flamanc, a French national in charge of multi-brand operations at Galton Voysey.


Galton Voysey has invested millions of dollars in marketing to build awareness for its brands and drive sales, being one of the top advertisers on Facebook in certain select categories.


“While Western Europe and the United States remain some of our most important markets today, we are thrilled to continue investing in our ever growing segment of quality conscious, brand focused consumers in China.” - Marine Aubrée Antikainen, CEO


Unlike Europe and the United States where e-commerce sales represent less than 7% of total retail spend, more than 15% of China’s retail is done through the Internet on services such as Taobao using payment methods such as WeChat and AliPay. This makes the market well suited for Galton Voysey’s unique strategy of connecting directly with consumers through the Internet and grabbing a share of mind of the affluent consumer base in China.

“We are excited to be a part of the race in becoming one of the most prominent providers of exceptional quality, luxury goods in the world’s largest luxury goods market: China.” - Marine Aubrée Antikainen, CEO


Galton Voysey is currently hiring and looking to add new team members to its dynamic team in the mission of becoming a big player in the luxury goods market.


Open vacancies at Galton Voysey:

Growth Hacker - Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong

Production & Quality Manager - Guangdong, China

Customer Service Representative - Tokyo, Japan (Kamikoto 神箏 ショールーム Limited)

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Media contact:

John Byrne

Head of Talent Acquisition at Galton Voysey