Ringo has a knack for picking up things very quickly – this spans beyond his daily tasks. You will often find him giving the ultimate punchline to an ongoing joke or conversation between colleagues.

There is only a handful of things that would get Ringo excited – but if you ask him about scuba diving, snowboarding, Lord of the Rings and really good Japanese food he can talk for hours. It is also a known fact that Ringo has a very strong appreciation for the Lord of Rings trilogy – where he watches the whole extended edition once a year which earned him the name “Lord of the Ringo”. Whenever Ringo goes on vacation, he’s likely in Japan snowboarding or eating. 

Passion and perseverance is definitely something that Ringo is not missing whether off work or at work. These amazing qualities is what makes him such an amazing person to work with and an amazing asset to the E-commerce team. Beyond this, Ringo graduated in Maths & Economics from UCLA and has incredible technical knowledge that more or less made him the dedicated IT support in the office where his most expertise advice is normally “restart your machine”. 

“Digital marketing is such a constantly changing field so it’s great to work here where I have some much freedom to test but also be given significant responsibility from the start. It feels like you’re being fast-tracked and there really are no limitations to how quickly you can progress.”