Building global consumer brands

With a proven and tested network of over 140 factories, Galton Voysey builds and acquires brands across a broad range of consumer, lifestyle and home goods segments from Europe, US and across the world.

Galton Voysey transforms products, brands and businesses with simple, remarkable ideas.

Galton Voysey is a platform for building, buying and developing consumer brands. We are home to 28 iconic brands that we have built or acquired, and offer advisory services to a portfolio of global brands. Our services span eight verticals: manufacturing, design, marketing, quality control, logistics, legal and compliance, finance and acquisitions, and sales. We work with brands big and small – visionary start-ups, innovative retailers, and established players – to achieve sustained growth and profitability. Together, we shape the brands of the future.



From Paris to Shanghai, we partner with factories and experts to develop new products for our in-house brands and our clients. These strong collaborative working relationships deliver breakthrough products in tight time frames.

Quality Control

We set quality and on-time delivery performance goals for all our brands. These applied continuous improvement initiatives ensure suppliers are able to deliver high-quality products in the shortest lead-time.



Meeting the rising expectations of consumers is only possible with a smarter, streamlined supply chain. Our road tested  supply protocols enable us to process orders with flexibility and speed — from a single product order to ten thousand.

Marketing & Digital StrategY

We design profitable online and offline marketing campaigns and apply our in-depth expertise in big data analytics to identify new opportunities and improve operational decisions – so brands find new ways to thrive and grow.


The materials, the proportions, how do you carry it around, how do you package it, how do you use it? From prototyping to packaging design, our design team pool their expertise to tackle every aspect of the user experience.

Legal & compliancE

With supply chains spanning three continents, our attorneys, compliance and security specialists assess global risk areas to ensure that our supply chains are in full compliance with international policy. 


Sales & Distribution

We help brands streamline their distribution strategy and enter new markets. Our insights improve the effectiveness of sales investments and customer interactions — to generate high returns and deliver top-line growth.

FINANCE & Acquisitions

We help clients drive dramatic performance improvement and support brands facing liquidity issues or insolvency. Our work ranges from acute crisis management and acquisitions to long-term regeneration and recovery.