operations manager

As the key operations contact point, Sammy plays a vital role at the heart of our organisation. There is no such thing as a typical day as he oversees almost the entire supply chain with a hawk-like eye for detail.

Sammy is one of the most patient & accommodating people you’ll meet. Always turning to face you with bright eyes and a blinding smile, you’ll barely ever see even the slightest hint of frustration on his face. Even in the busiest of times, he’ll always be willing to put everything aside to answer any of your questions, help you find data or just entertain your need for small talk. 

He’s also known for never saying no. Ask him try anything, do anything or help with anything and he’ll be right there with boundless amount of enthusiasm. He has the loudest, most longest yes you’ll hear and will be there at the front to lead the way. But it’s not just a passive agreement, Sammy will also go out of his way to help people. If he sees a colleague struggling to carry the water refill to the water dispenser, he’ll get out of his seat and go straight to them. No words needed. He’s definitely a gentleman. 

Accommodating, patient and kind he may be, but also extremely playful and mischievous as well. He has little knowledge of ego and will he openly and loudly laugh at himself when the opportunity arises. His laughs are infectious and honestly, you just end up laughing with him.

It’s his friendly personality, selfless work ethic and ridiculous memory which makes him an essential and valuable member of our team.

“It’s amazing the amount of knowledge you pick up from working here without really realizing it. It’s an environment where you’re expected to use your own initiative but you’re given all the tools needed to get the job done.”